ABOUT Grind Collective

Grind Collective

We are the leaders and innovators when it comes to blending streetwear & athletic clothing.

We combined active with street to create what we believe they both stand for and that is the Grind. The grind of the streets to hustle and grow in life and business and the grind of athletics to improve each day and become better! These are the things we believe in and stand for and this is GC threads!

Whether out in the street or at the gym, wearing clothes that look and feel good help you to remain confident, elegant and comfortable. We focus on  ultra quality and extreme performance. Used by top Influencers around the world.  Season after season we continue to up our game and leave competitors behind by focusing on innovation design, technology and always having a pulse in the latest trends.

We stand for something we call The Grind and back it with the clothing to fit a hustle & grow lifestyle, whether in life, business, or athletic performance. The grind is about improving each day and becoming better at the things we believe in.

Looking the part is just half the battle. Grind Clothing matches the confidence and mindset it takes to excel.

We combined active with street for ultra quality and extreme performance. Used by top influencers around the world.

This is where confidence meets comfort.